Lundi 02 avril, 2012

Ben Slow in Paris


We were randomly walking in Paris this morning when we saw an artist painting on a wall in the 11th district. I loved what he was doing so I asked another guy who was watching him: “who is it?” and he told me he was Ben Slow! I immediately recognised him then – BEN SLOW is a UK artist I really like – friend of Joseph Loughborough and Finbarr Dac, both from London.

I was very happy to have the opportunity to meet him, so we crossed the street as he was coming down his ladder and we had a quick chat with him – very cool guy!

We had seen a few pieces of him in London during our last trip there, but it’s always cool to see someone you admire in the city you live! So, you’re more than welcome to come back Ben to paint on our Paris walls…

He wanted to paint more in Paris, but as he really enjoys the city, I assume he will be back sooner than he thinks…

Ben Slow is a great painter who uses the walls to express himself. He takes his inspiration in what is around him: people, media… He’s working a lot on portraits, with only a few colors, but giving a great energy to his artwork!
Very happy to have met him :)

I hope he will agree to play the game of our interview soon… Let’s see!

All these walls are painted for the project ParisFreeWalls curated by MSAGallery.

So let’s have a look on what he is doing. For this piece, he decided to paint Chirac, the previous President of France – very “now” I’d say:

Ben Slow strete art londres

Ben Slow strete art londres

Ben Slow matériel de l'artiste

In London, I saw a huge piece, in front of one of ROA, in the Bricklane area, but unfortunately damaged at this time: see it here during my London street art tour two years ago (2010).

And last year, we saw another piece, huge and great too:

Ben Slow à Londres

Ben Slow in London

More info about the artist and more photos by Ben Slow on his FlickR gallery!


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