Dimanche 17 juillet, 2011



CFT stands for Collectif France Tricot, in French.

For its 101st M.U.R (Modulable Urbain Réactif, association in Paris), the Collectif France Tricot plays the game and created a huge piece, after the special one for the 14th of July (Bastille day in France) and the one of the artist ROA.

Collectif France Tricot for people who didn’t hear about before, takes part of the knitting tendance, or yarnbombing. People knitt pieces of art and then go on the streets to put them and decorate urban elements.

This is how a past-time for grand’ma became urban art!
CFT wants to give another dimension to the wool. To knitt for bench, bollard, street lights, statues… became a passion.
The aim is to touch people, making them smile and react to yarnbombing.

CFT was born during Winter 2009 between bloggers and creators of funny knitting pieces. To begin, 3 women: Ema Tricopathe, Poupe & Soso and Cépourtoi Factory, at first friends on Facebook or Myspace.
And now there are 5: Soso, Ema, Babooh, Quinc and Oury

You can find their artwork in France: Paris, Nice and Lyon.

It’s only 6 months after having met Knitta Please (NYC) that the CFT decided to head to the streets.
And it rapidly became an addiction.

It’s possible to meet CFT during knitting apero in Paris, but also in Berlin at the Stricken Bar.

This is the huge piece they created for the M.U.R on the 16th of July, in Paris:

Collectif France Tricot

Collectif France Tricot

Collectif France Tricot

For more photos, check out the CFT website here: www.c-f-t.net

* Source : Opus Délits of CFT available on www.opusdelits.com


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