Mardi 17 août, 2010

Jana und Js


After an important event this year called Les Lézards de la Bièvre (the 2nd weekend of June), I went to see what pieces were left. I was amazed to discover the amazing work of Jana und Js,an artistic couple I had heard of but never seen.
My heart raced as I adored their art, life size people with vintage cameras, and polaroid scenes…

Jana und Js are a couple, who’s art lives not only in the urban setting, but also in exhibitions.
They seem inspired by the city, its architecture and perpetual change, but also by the act of observation, playing with the observer like a mirror.
They use the technique of stencil, developped thanks to “artiste-ouvrier” from the crew wca.
She is Austrian and he is French, they live now in Salzbourg in Austria after having lived in Madrid and Paris.”

Here are a few pieces I found in the area of Butte aux Cailles in the 5th of Paris:

For more information, take a visit on their website here JanaUndJs, with a nice webdesign.


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