Mercredi 21 juillet, 2010

King Mimi the Clown


Mimi The Clown aka King Mimi is now online on StreetLove, after 4 new paste up we found in these last weeks in Paris, mostly in the 4th and 20th district.

King Mimi the Clown

Mimi the ClowN

“After studying knife-throwing and as a failed tap-dancer I started to take an interest in the world of show business, circus and masks. By going to the SUPERmaRket, by watching TV, by listening to politicians and slaving away every day for a few euros I realised that the show went much further than the stage that used to fascinate me. It was everywhere. Everywhere!! With intelligent giraffes, elephants and poodles!! Zebra tamers, acrobats but above all clowns. A countless number of ClowNs, everywhere! Wooooow, isn’t (real) life magic!

6 and a 1/2 years of internments as well as of exhibitionS in every clinic in France later AND still I go on PAINTING. Painting that is intentionally miLITAnt, offhand and concession free ($$$$).”

Join him in his FlickR Group by clicking here. Or, take a look at his website!

(We assume that) Mimi The Clown is from Lille, north of France, and we already planned to go there for the artists opening days, next october. See you there!

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  • MIMI dit :

    Effectivement les portes ouvertes auront lieues cette année les 15,16 et 17 octobre.

    Mon atelier est situé au 41 rue de Douai à Lille, quartier Moulin.

    Vous êtes bien évidemmment tous les bienvenus !!!

    A bientôt !


  • Driiine dit :

    Le RDV est pris, merci! Vivement octobre…
    En attendant on continue de traquer Mimi dans les rues ;)

  • rose chiffon dit :

    Mimi, j’ai pris une image de vous sur un mur de Lille en 2010.
    Proposée ici il y a un an et quelques,
    je découvre aujourd’hui votre lieu, j’espère qu’il n’est jamais trop tard : merci et bravo.

    Bien à vous.

  • 100driiine dit :

    Il s’agit d’un collage de Mimi the Clown, artiste de Lille. Merci pour le partage :)

  • 100driiine dit :

    MiMi the ClowN en sera certainement ravi ;)
    Continuez à prendre du street art en photo ! Bonnes balades…

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