Lundi 11 février, 2013

K’nar Birdy kids

K'nar street art Lyon

Behind the Birdy Kids, there is a crew composed by Gautier, A.E.M and Guillaume, so 2 parisians and a guy from Lyon. Together, they claim a clean art, which suits well with the 2nd district of Lyon, or the Marais in Paris.

Their mulitcolored birds are normally located in Lyon, East of France.
From the walls to tees, the crew K’nar is not missing humor at all. Street art is more that art and a work, it’s definitely a passion.

If you didn’t seen him in Lyon, Madrid, Rome or London in 2012, you probably saw their new 3x3m pieces in Paris around the Marais!
And we are so lucky, that we have a few pieces around our house, that we pass everyday, thanks K’nar and come back when you want!

K'nar street art Lyon

These ones have been removed too quickly! A shame… The whole line was just awesome!

K'nar street art Lyon

This one, made me smile the friday morning I went to work…

K'nar street art Lyon

K'nar street art Lyon

K'nar street art Lyon

I found a nice interview of the crew on the great site FatCap

For more info, check out K’nar Facebook and Birdy Kids website!



  • Livy dit :

    Jolies captures. A Lyon comme à Paris, je les adore. Ce n’et évidemment pas le street art le plus travaillé mais ses couleurs et l’état d’esprit positif qui s’en dégage en fait l’un de mes favoris du moment.

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  • [...] Birdy Kids 1st exhibition in Paris Birdy Kids make a lot of passers-by smile with their little characters, cute and colorful at the same time. They are created by a crew of 3 street artists, one from Lyon and the 2 others (brothers we believe) from Paris, who currently live in Lyon. A.EM. is a graffiti artist, Gautier is a graphic designer and Guillaume is the print expert. They are full time artists and we still remember when we first discovered their artwork – it was during a trip by train to Lyon,  they had painted a couple of birds near the railway… We were not quick enough to take photos, but we asked our friends from Lyon if they knew the artists and we started searching info… Then we started to see a lot of pieces in the Marais, on many walls, and it was such a pleasure to see them in our city!! We searched again for info, and found their Facebook page. This way, we were able to publish a portrait of K’nar & the Birdy Kids. [...]

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