Dimanche 22 mai, 2011

Metro by Nasty


Since the early 90′s, NASTY, famous graffiti artist from Paris, has made the metro his playground, painting walls and trains, during the night.

Due to the colors he uses, his letters, his high-lights, but also his signature “Nasty Artistes en cavale“, his pieces are easily recognisable.

To know more about the artist, check out the Nasty interview here.

Artoys by Nasty

For his exhibitions, Nasty likes to install the elements from the metro that he is used to painting, such as metro signs, or even the metro tiles.

Metro sign by Nasty

Today, sunday 22nd of May was the opening party of his new exhibition “Nasty@KlayClub“, realised in collaboration between Le Klay, fitness club and bar/restaurant Depur, and Bailly Contemporain Gallery, who represents the artist. Also with the partnership of the brand PUMA for the actual event “Les Athlètes de la nuit”.

Dedication by Nasty for "Les Athlètes de la nuit" PUMA

Worthy of noting that Paris metro map has adding a new station : Georges K station… Line 1 ?!?

Nasty has reconstructed a parisian metro station “in situ” that he named “Georges K“. Moreover, a selection of his pieces are being exhibited, and also his giant Artoys (that I love) is welcoming you at the entrance.

Metro Georges K

Metro Georges K

Metro Georges K

Metro Georges K - Gauche

For the opening party, Nasty painted a huge wall made of Lunablocks, great idea, nice result!

Mur de Lunablocks by Nasty

If only we could have taken one home…

Nasty @ Klay Club Paris

@KlayClub Station Georges K
Du lundi 23 mai au dimanche 31 juillet 2011
Klay Club
4 Bis Rue Saint Sauveur
75002 Paris City

Join NASTY on his Facebook Fan page!



  • sheily dit :

    C’est à deux pas du bureau, je sens que ma pause dej va y passer!

  • 100driiine dit :

    Alors Sheily, sympa ta pause déj ?

  • sheily dit :

    Finalement, mon copain veut qu’on passe ensemble, donc j’ai préféré l’attendre pour découvrir l’expo avec lui!

  • 100driiine dit :

    Il a bien raison ;)
    Du coup profitez en pour boire un verre ou dejeuner/diner là-bas, le lieu est super charmant, j’ai beaucoup aimé !

  • sheily dit :

    Merci du conseil. Je te raconterai!

  • ok dit :

    Nous y sommes allés cet après-midi. Endroit très m’as-tu vu. Juste le droit de voir quelques oeuvres de Nasty dans le hall du club, pas d’accès à la station George K. C’est plus une salle des ventes qu’une expo. Décevant.

  • 100driiine dit :

    Merci pour ce retour, c’est vraiment bizarre que vous n’ayez pas pu accéder à la “station”…

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