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Mardi 30 septembre, 2014

Montreal – best city for Graffiti #2

As it was my second visit to Montreal, I was looking forward to seeing new artwork on the walls and how some hoods I visited before had evolved since. It was incredible!! Montreal is more a ‘graffiti’ city – I mean there are a lot of huge murals painted rather than little street art pieces. I love street art, but I am definitely amazed by artists doing big-big pieces on cool buildings’ walls.

Montreal graffiti september 2014
Jeudi 25 septembre, 2014

Montreal graffiti #1

Two weeks ago I traveled to Montreal in Canada for work and I enjoyed the fact I was staying in a nice neighborhood to do a street art tour around the city. I went to Montreal 6 years ago and I really enjoyed my first trip. What I remember is that the city was full of graffiti artwork – huge pieces!

Lundi 22 octobre, 2012

Scarron Street – Paris 11th

StreetLove found a new street art hot spot in Paris, located on Rue Scarron in the 11th district. There, you can see pieces of C215, Nick Walker, Fin Dac, Stink Fish, Sten & Lex… Amazing graffiti artwork to check out!

Monsieur Chat at BHV Paris 4
Lundi 22 octobre, 2012

M. Chat at BHV Paris

Monsieur Chat did an artwork for the shopping center BHV (Bazard de l’Hôtel de Ville) in Paris 4th from the 3rd to the 11th of October 2012.

L7m street artist from brazil
Vendredi 19 octobre, 2012

L7M from Brazil

Here are a few pieces to give you an idea about L7m works, street artist from Sao paulo in Brazil. Actually, L7M is dedicated to independent work in advertising agencies, exhibitions and workshops… Check out his artwork!

Vendredi 03 février, 2012

New Zealand Police

The New Zealand Police are using graffiti to recruit potential police officers. They’ve recently used these stencils to help promote becoming a Police officer. Open to discussion!

Mardi 31 janvier, 2012

Wellington graffiti

As you previously saw, street art in New-Zealand is massive. Wellington is famous for his music scene, very rock and his art scene too.

Lundi 09 janvier, 2012

Bondi Beach graffiti

Life is a Beach ! Let’s go to Bondi in Syndey…
Bondi Beach is one of the largest beach in the city (1 km long). It’s the most famous beach, popular for its good surf spot, but also for people who want swimming, or just lying on the beach looking for a nice tan!

Dimanche 01 janvier, 2012

Sydney Graffiti #1

We arrived in Sydney / Australia on the 28th of December, 2011 and we walked around a few areas to check out some street art and graffiti artwork.
We went to the areas of Surry Hills and Newtown so far and these are a few pictures of what we found on the streets.

Mercredi 09 novembre, 2011

Comics Graffiti Melbourne

As you can imagine, we are going to talk a lot about Melbourne and its urban art!
We follow discovering the city on the art side, and we found a lot of murals with heroes of comics painted, which we like very much!