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Samedi 08 octobre, 2011

East Side Gallery

The East Side Gallery is a international monument showing Liberty. That’s the biggest part of the Berlin wall still in good conditions, along the Mühlenstrasse street on 1,3 kilometers.

Mardi 05 juillet, 2011

75020 Entrepot RATP

Street art tour around the building of bus public transport, in Paris 20. Huge graffiti murals painted by artists, famous or not yet… but a real pleasure for eyes! Enjoy the tour…

Samedi 02 juillet, 2011

Piscine Molitor

The “Swimming pool of Auteuil-Molitor”, drawn by the architect Lucien Pollet, was inaugurated in 1929 and is still famous for its….

Mercredi 22 juin, 2011

75018 Ordener Street

I discovered this huge wall a long time agao but I wanted to share photo with you bacuse I love the characters painted here: Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny.

Mercredi 18 mai, 2011

Orleans factory

Thanks to an official photo reporter, we discover a crazy place for graffiti. This place is located close to Orleans (45) in the city called Chapelle Saint-Mesmin.
This is an abandonned factory, used by Paintball and Airsoft players and when the place is free, graffiti artists can paint!

Samedi 16 avril, 2011

Street art in a School

The primary school of Saint-Merri, located Rue du Renard in the Marais, in Paris is an amazing building regardring its architecture was painted by graffiti artists in 2010

Vendredi 21 janvier, 2011


SAMPA GRAFFITI is a series of documentaries (video series) that focuses on graffiti artists and their work in the city of São Paulo in Brazil and its surrounding areas.

Mardi 12 octobre, 2010

Zurich graffiti

During a recent quick visit to Zurich, in Switzerland, I found an amazing wall covered in grafitti in the area of Viaduktstrasse.

Mercredi 29 septembre, 2010

75010 Belleville

Last saturday, during the artists open days in the 20th of Paris, in Ménilmontant more exactly, we decide to walk through this area – where we found a lot of graffiti and street art!

Lundi 27 septembre, 2010

75019 Crimee & Ourcq

Learn about the tour of street art that we made last saturday, in the 20th of Paris : between Ourcq and Crimée areas. There street art is every where!