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Vendredi 16 juillet, 2010

StreetArt in Biarritz

For the occasion of a friends’ wedding, we went to the Pays Basque… and to make the most of being there, we decided to stay for a week to visit.

Jeudi 15 juillet, 2010

Desnoyez Street

Belleville, in Paris, is a famous place for street art. Many artists are working there which is renewing constantly. When I think to Belleville, I imagine the Desnoyez street and all around that street… always in activity.

Mardi 01 juin, 2010


Il existe de nombreux caractères et styles de graffiti ; cette forme d’art évoluant rapidement.
La peinture aérosol et les marqueurs sont devenus les outils les plus utilisés dans cet univers….