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Lundi 12 novembre, 2012

M.U.R celebrates its 5 bday!

Happy 5th birthday the M.U.R. ! It was the occasion to see again artists we love and we follow, and to discover the artwork of others.

Mercredi 17 octobre, 2012

StreetLove new design!

Hey StreetLovers! Time to relaunch a shiny new StreetLove website. More newness coming soon about Australia street art…

Mardi 21 février, 2012

POPAY’s book and exhibition

POPAY is a graffiti artist, a painter and a graphic designer who works on a kind of organic art piece. From Barcelona, he bagan to learn about paintings throught the masterpieces of Combas and Picasso.

Mercredi 11 janvier, 2012

Act’Up Paris

Act Up Paris is organizing a huge street art event.
RDV on saturday, the 14th of January 2012 to attend a street art event from Belleville (Paris 10) to Hôtel de Ville (Paris 4).

Mercredi 09 novembre, 2011

D*Face in Melbourne

Good timing to attend the exhibition of the great street artist Made in London: D*Face!
He created a huge exhibition for his first time in Australia. He chose Melbourne to show his artwork at the Metro Gallery.

Lundi 07 novembre, 2011

RMIT exhibition in Melbourne

RMIT Gallery, part of the RMIT University in Melbourne has organised an exhibition ’10 years of Australian street art’.

Vendredi 09 septembre, 2011

Paint BAL

20 mailboxes customised by street artists for Keith Haring, Art and children!
The huge mural realised by K.Haring on a wall of the Necker Hospital in Paris: 27 meters high and 15 meters accross.

Vendredi 09 septembre, 2011

Bomb it by MissTIC

When we were in Berlin, last August, we went to the French Institute, which is exhibiting the street art artist: MissTIC from Paris.

Mercredi 07 septembre, 2011

The Explosition

15 artistes street art s’exposent au Musée en Herbe à Paris, dans l’espace “Ma Première Galerie” pendant 1 an, dans le sillage de l’exposition “Les Hiéroglyphes de Keith Haring”
La programmation a déjà vu à l’affiche : Benjamin sabatier, L’Atlas, Tanc, Marko 93, Speedy Graphito, Pure Evil et Sistebane.

Lundi 13 juin, 2011

VNA issue 15 x Obey

Very Nearly Almost (VNA Magazine) is a UK magazine that documents the street art and graffiti scene since 2006.
Each issue presents street art articles about different places in the world, and interviews with artists.

VNA issue 15 presents great artists such as Shepard Fairey, Burning Candy, Logan Hicks, Nychos and Elph, talks about the event at MOCA in Los Angeles and there are street art photos from Berlin, London (including one of Psychonautes) and LA.