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Mimi the Clown Street Art Paris
Mercredi 19 décembre, 2012

Mimi The ClowN rocks!

I imagine that Mimi the Clown was hearing the famous song by the band Joan Jett & the Blackhearts when he last came to Paris!

Street art paris JPM
Vendredi 04 mai, 2012

Folie Mérincourt

The 11th district in Paris has been painted by street artists. Every shops has a new design… 15 shops by 11 artists! To see…

Mercredi 11 avril, 2012

Vote MiMi President!

Le 9 avril est la date officielle du lancement des campagnes des candidats des clowns à la nouvelle Présidence 2012 de la France !

Lundi 09 avril, 2012

Animae Dementia

Here is the latest project called Aniame Dementia featuring “the hunging man” a french friend of Rö and himself – mixing rope access working and paste up.

Lundi 27 février, 2012

Ella&Pitr photo frame

Ella & Pitr, a young couple of street artists, launched a few years ago a project about paste-up of photo frames in the city. They began in 2010, when Ella & Pitr pasted their photo frames all over Europe invited people to create their own frame. Let’s discover it!

Vendredi 24 février, 2012

Auckland street art

Once in Auckland, we walked around the areas of K’Road where we found mostly huge graffiti murals and of Ponsonby where we found great stencils.

Lundi 20 février, 2012

Banksy in New Zealand ?!?

We think we may have seen a stencil of the famous rat by Banksy, on the roads of New Zealand, but this is more a fake I guess – info or intox?

Lundi 30 janvier, 2012

Wellington Street Art

In Wellington, in New Zealand, street art is huge! The city is very artistic and it’s nice to walk around. We couldn’t recognize all the artists, but we wanted to share the photos with you.

Dimanche 08 janvier, 2012

Cockatoo Island in Sydney

The OUTPOST Project transformed the industrial spaces of Cockatoo Island in Sydney into a huge event of street art.

Samedi 05 novembre, 2011

Melbourne Fitzroy #1

First day in Melbourne, Australia, we decided to fight against the jet lag walking in the city and finding street art around the area of Fitzroy.