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Lundi 17 octobre, 2011

The Cyklop live

On Sunday, 16th of October, we walked to Bastille, and the 11th district of Paris to enjoy the sunny day. And we found the artist Le Cyklop who was painting in live in the street, in front of a glasses shop.
Le Cyklop is an artist with a third eye ;)

Dimanche 09 octobre, 2011

Coffee Cinema Berlin

In the area of Mitte in Berlin, you will find a nice coffee place, the Art cinema coffee indeed named: Coffee Cinema.
A very pleasant place to take a coffee or a hot chocolate in winter. There is also a terrasse where you can go by taking the little street just next door. You will find a huge street art spot there…

Vendredi 19 août, 2011

QRadio by Sweza

QRadio is the latest QRT project by SWEZA, it’s an audio-visual paste up in the streets of Berlin. Sweza is initially a street artist who started doing graffiti in 1990.

Mardi 16 août, 2011

In Brussels

Back from a week-end in Brussels, last June, we will show you what we found in the streets.
We walked a lot, but we loved the city, which is full of nice pieces of street art.

Lundi 25 avril, 2011

Street art tour in Lille

We went back to Lille at th beginning of April to see if walls were changed! Last time we visited this city was for the opening days of artists’ workshop

Jeudi 14 avril, 2011

Stencil High School

Stencils ready?
At the Santos Dumont college in Saint-Cloud, the student of the A-level diploma had the opportunity to discover and learn about the street art techique…

Jeudi 27 janvier, 2011

Collab MiMi & Suriani

We just went for a walk in our area in Paris, and we found a nice collaboration between MiMi the ClowN and Surianii.

Mercredi 12 janvier, 2011

StreetArt W/o Borders

Never leaving home without our cameras, we couldn’t help but find a large number of artworks from foreign artists (English, German, Dutch, Brazilian…), pasted on the walls in Paris by Urbanhearts. He created an original project called “Street Art Without Borders”.

Mardi 30 novembre, 2010

94400 Vitry

On en a pris plein les yeux, avec pas moins d’une vingtaine d’artistes différents et tous aussi talentueux les uns que les autres, comme ortica noodles, specter, pixal parazit, snik, finbarr, indigo, btoy, pixelpancho et j’en passe…

Jeudi 11 novembre, 2010

400ml Project

The exhibition of 400ml Project has been launched by Gautier Jourdain, passionate about contempory art. This collection assembled 400 aerosols bombs customised by 400 international artists. The title refers to the standard size of european spraycans.