Samedi 16 avril, 2011

Street art in a School


The primary school of Saint-Merri, located Rue du Renard in the Marais, in Paris is an amazing building regardring its architecture which architects worked on the project: Alain GAMARD, Daniel LOMBARD and Edouard-Marc ROUX.

The school project was launched in December 1971 and the building was opened in March 1974 and now welcome young students for years!

The Director of this school is very open-minded and made the school painted again by graffiti artists such as Thomas Vuille know as Monsieur Chat, Psychoze, JACE and others…

Gouzou painter by JACE

Gouzou love by JACE

Thomas Vuille - Monsieur Chat

Artof Popof & M.Chat


Amazing combo, mixed with young students artwork, congratz!


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