Dimanche 01 janvier, 2012

Sydney Graffiti #1


We arrived in Sydney / Australia on the 28th of December, 2011 and we walked around a few areas to check out some street art and graffiti artwork.
We went to the areas of Surry Hills and Newtown so far and these are a few pictures of what we found on the streets.

First, a mural painted by the graffiti artist Ironlak which we find very realistic and funny at the same time:

Then this mural found in Newtown, on King Street – painted byTeazer: www.teazer.com.au

Street Art Sydney

@ Teazer

street art sydney

@ Teazer

We also found a mural of the great artist EARS commissionned for a music store – artist that we discovered firstly in Melbourne:

Street Art Sydney by EARS


And right next to it, another one by Lister:

street art sydney

@ Lister

Follwoing our route, we saw a piece of yarn bombing:

yarn bombing sydney

Artiste ?

An office of SALVOS and one of their Utility Car:

Street Art sydney for salvos

It seems that this can is part of Wilcoles’ artwork:

street art sydney

© Wilcoles

In the same kind of style, there is Junky Projects

And we found pieces such as:

street art sydney

street art sydney

street art sydney

Dog @ n.b. & Characters by artist?

street art sydney

street art sydney

Next stage is to visit Cockatoo Island, tiny island close to Sydney by ferry where the famous OUTPOST project took place untill the 11th of December, 2011. Maybe you heard about this before…

Apparently, it is still possible to access the areas which have been painted by the artists (ROA was there for the European part) and the island is nice just to walk around, so let’s check this out!

More info here: www.outpost.cockatooisland.gov.au


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