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C215 [itw]


StreetLove “THE ARTIST”

It was with great pleasure that we received our interview from C215, a stencil artist from Vitry sur Seine, in France.

He chose C215 as his nickname as it is the most impersonal name he could find, but it corresponds completely with his own story.

Ignoring the tags that he started with, he was 20 years old when he put up his first piece of street-art. He has been working on street-art more seriously in the last 5 years, from the age of 32.

Why did he begin making street art? Simply to stencil his daughter’s portrait in the streets.

He usually works alone, but has recently started working with his girlfriend Alice Pasquini, who is a painter too, and whose pieces we were lucky to see during our street-art tour around Vitry, last week-end.

C215 & Alice

But if we talked about street-art crew, he appreciates the TSO from Italia.

He doesn’t have another activity and lives from his art, and “this is really cool”.

He has already exhibited a lot and can’t remembered all the galleries but there were: Signal gallery and Stolen Space in London, Itinerance gallery and Studio 55 in Paris, Ad Hoc among others…

StreetLove “THE ART”

His art is mostly inspired by his life in general and his culture. He is only working with stencils for portraits or characters.

When thinking about his first street art, he was not stressed about it. It was in Paris and gluing a poster is not so exciting. For sure he has more pleasure when he stencils in the streets now.

His stencils are between size S and XL.

He cannot count how many pieces he already created and/or put in the streets, but certainly thousands… almost everywhere in Europe, and Morocco, Senegal, India, USA, Brasil, Israel…

C215 has no precise idea of his next piece as inspiration has to be continual.

His stencils don’t work as a series, but his marked style is easy to distinguish.

I admit that his signature is in the quality of his work that we really love.


He likes working on supports such as walls and doors – which matches very well with his art.

He also works on different materials like wood and metal, even on foreign musical instrument… examples of which you can see at the moment during his personal exhibition taking place at Itinerance gallery in Paris (all details on the StreetLove Agenda).

StreetLove “THE FUN”

It takes him only a few minutes to put a work in the street, so he doesn’t need to bring many things and above all nothing that can upset the cops.

His favourite color is blue.

His artistic references are Caravaggio and Pignon Ernest which “are the best ever!”

His is listening to swing and jazz music.

Portrait de l'artiste Seize by C215

3 things he loves: freedom, Art and his daughter Nina!

3 things he hates: administration, racism and himself.

StreetLove “WHAT’s NEXT”

Note that the next event coming up for C215 is a charity show in London for retired people, with his friend photographer Jon Cartwright.

Sounds great! Keep StreetLove in touch with it!

A message for the StreetLove team: “Much Love!!!”

Thanks a lot and see your work in the streets again soon :)

For more photos, take a look at the C215 page here.

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