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ESFP [itw]


I still remember when I saw for the first time a piece of ESFP on the street: the one of McMasai.
For this reason, I’m happy to introduce you with the artist ESFP. I hope you will enjoy reading this interview as much as I enjoyed writting it!



ESFP is Dutch. After living in Paris for 3 years, he is now living in a 20 year old VW van in the Netherlands.

Why ESFP as your artist name? “E = for Earl, my nickname. SFP = for Self Fulfilling Prophecy, an important matter I value a lot in life

He is involved in street-art for 4 years and he began because he was intrigued by stencils he saw on the streets. Once, he came home and started cutting a large head of himself. He bought a spray can, sprayed, took away the stencil and got shocked while thinking: “WOW!!!! That is sooooo cooool!” Afterwards, he made several works on wood, canvas and cardboard before he left home with his stencils to try it on the streets.

He was 23 when he was active in the streets for the first time. Since that, he works alone, however he did some projects with Chasin’, a Dutch mate of his.

© ESFP - The starfractal in Paris, ESFP&Chasin'

I studied 7 years for Hospitality management, and worked for 3 years in a Parisian hotel. But the street-art of Paris did so much for me that I decided to quit my job to prepare a road trip through Africa which will start in January 2011. With a friend I prepare the VW van for this overland trip

So StreetLove wishes you good luck and enjoy as much as you can!

He hasn’t yet exhibited in a gallery, but together with Chasin’ he decorated two bars in Paris (Hetfeeldís Pub and The Wall Pub). And if asked, he would like to exhibit in a gallery! Maybe after his Africa trip with some fresh works :)

StreetLove THE ART

At the moment I work quite a lot on canvas

His inspiration is from everything that happens in life. Things like reading papers, walking through a big city, travelling and talks in a bar with somebody he doesn’t know…

He had put his first stencil in the streets of Paris. He was not stressed, but excited though. He was excited when going out finding a nice spot, but at the moment itself he was relaxed and concentrated.

© ESFP - The first stencil he put on the streets

When S is for a small Space Invader and XXL is for a Zoo Project, then my street-art size is from M to XL. The star fractal I made with Chasin’ was an XL work

© ESFP - Doing the Starfractal, made with Chasin'

He made a lot more designs than he has put on the streets. On the streets he probably has about 60 pieces from 10 different designs. And you can find them all in Paris and bigger cities in the Netherlands.

© ESFP - In the Netherlands

Any idea about future street-art pieces? “Well I hope I’ll have enough time during my road trip through Africa to cheer up some cities over there ;) . I want to make stencils inspired by the trip. A cupboard in the bus is reserved for my knives, cardboard, stencils, spray cans, etc…

ESFP is experimenting a lot (with every new design) since he’s quite new in this scene. So most of the stencils he makes work “alone”, with some exceptions of “series” of just a few works.

His street-art style is the stencil definitely! From one layer stencils to multiple layers stencils (up to 20 layers).

© ESFP - Lonely bum

He works a lot about people or personalities, at the moment. He also tends to put meanings in his work.


His prefers working on walls, only. On the streets, he won’t leave without his folder equiped with stencils and extra pieces of cardboard. His bag is stuffed with tape, different caps, spray cans, knifes, flashlight if night, etc…

How much time do you need? “Depends on the work. At the beginning – with a one layer stencil – I finished in 30 seconds. When I started doing some more “extreme” stencilling I could be at the same spot for two nights, like for the McMasai or the Starfractal.

EFSP - The McMasai

The tip ESFP gave us: “I am not active on the streets for a long time but I think I can say: If you respect the streets, the streets will respect you. Meaning that when you’ll really mess up you can get in big trouble. You’ll be more understood if you choose your spot properly and be polite to authority or passers-by. The piece will last longer too :)

StreetLove THE FUN

To work, ESFP never leaves without some beers, depending on the time spent at the spot! In Paris: his Dutch wallet and in the Netherlands: his French wallet.

His favorite color is black, obviously!
He is listening to (Hard)rock, reggae, ska, 70′s music, etc…
I seldom take pictures of my arts on the streets. I prefer seeing them on FlickR or StreetLove :)


3 things ESFP adores in general:
- Travelling all over,
- Walking through big cities while spotting street-art,
- The moment when he takes away the stencil and sees if all went according to plan.
3 things he hates: “I hate most things that have to do with hate.

StreetLove WHAT’S NEXT?

Any RDV to tell us? “Well I’ll have my first exhibition in the Netherlands in January 2011, just before leaving to do Project Africa.

A message for StreetLove:Keep Sharing & Loving the Streets!! Your website is awesome :)

To have more info, check out his brand new website:
Regarding the artist Chasin’, a friend with who he often collaborates, see one of his pieces below, found in the 5th in Paris:

Chasin' in Paris



  • Gizeh dit :

    Oh j’avais vu ses pochoirs mais je connaissais pas son nom ! Merciiiiii ! J’adore !

  • 100driiine dit :

    Merci pour ta visite Gizeh!
    Oui le travail de ESFP est étonnant, j’aime beaucoup aussi!
    Il expose au Pays-Bas le 23 janvier, et prépare ensuite un road-trip à travers l’Afrique… Travail à suivre!

  • Laurine dit :

    Travail surprenant et étonnant ! En plus d’être talentueux, cet artiste est d’une gentillesse incroyable… Excellente continuation !

  • 100driiine dit :

    Merci pour ta visite Laurine !
    Je suis bien d’accord avec toi :)
    On espère bien compter sur sa présence pour notre prochaine expo à Paris !!

  • Excellent work over again! Thanks.

  • Braai Bobbejaan Ben dit :

    These are really great works dude!

    Ben blij dat ik twee van die fantastische werken thuis heb hangen!!!

    Keep up the good work!!!

    (en geniet van je reis in Afrika)

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