Lundi 24 janvier, 2011

Art Of Basketball


Very delayed news but I couldn’t forget to tell you, as an ex-basketball player, about this great event, announced by The Dude Company. The artist we went to interview in Lille, last october, remember!

The Dude Company, lovers of the USA, went to Miami at the end of last year to customize and then exhibit for the event called : “The Art of Basketball“.

© The Dude Company

The Art of Basketball in Miami was a huge success on so many levels.

This event was composed by 36 artistes, including Billi Kid, Blanco, Celso, Chillski, Cope2, Crome, Daniel Fila, Dash, David Cooper, Gaia, Shiro, and The Dude Company…

To know all the artists who participated, click here!

They all painted an official NBA basketball backboard and an official basket ball.

After the customisation session, the exhibition took place from the 2nd to the 5th of December in Miami, during the Art basel Miami which is the biggest Contempory Art event of the US.

To resume, this is a great video of The Dude Company in action! He chose to paint the Lakers team, my second favorite team when Magic Jonhson used to play – after the Bulls team and my idol Jordan ;)


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