Mardi 09 novembre, 2010

ARTAQ Awards


Last minute info: ARTAQ – the first Awards of Street-Art!

Expo 2010 ARTAQ à Paris

Let’s go to ARTAQ!!

Espace Beaurepaire is welcoming the short-listed of the first Artaq Awards 2010.

Artaq is an association which want to promote artists from urban art. 5 categories are presentes at Artaq Awards : Graffiti – Paint – Paste-up / Sculpture / Numeric art / Photo / In situ performances.

The participation has been huge for this first edition with 320 artists from all over the world. The winners will win their exhibition in 4 european cities like:

- Paris : from the 9th to the 14th of november at Espace Beaurepaire,

- Berlin : from the 26th of november to the 12th of december at Stattbad,

- Bruxelles : from the 13tf of january to the 20th of february 2011 at Gallery Art 22,

- Lyon : in may 2011 at Gallery Confluences (IUFM).

Exposition Artaq :

From the 9th to the 14th of november 2010

@ Espace Beaurepaire

Vernissage tonight, the 9th of november from 6pm to 10pm.


ARTAQ Awards

For more info about the event in Paris, check out the website of Espace Beaurepaire and to know more about the Artaq Awards, click-here !



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