Mardi 24 septembre, 2013

Birdy Kids 1st exhibition in Paris


Birdy Kids make a lot of passers-by smile with their little characters, cute and colorful at the same time.
They are created by a crew of 3 street artists, one from Lyon and the 2 others (brothers we believe) from Paris, who currently live in Lyon. A.EM. is a graffiti artist, Gautier is a graphic designer and Guillaume is the print expert.
They are full time artists and we still remember when we first discovered their artwork – it was during a trip by train to Lyon,  they had painted a couple of birds near the railway… We were not quick enough to take photos, but we asked our friends from Lyon if they knew the artists and we started searching info…
Then we started to see a lot of pieces in the Marais, on many walls, and it was such a pleasure to see them in our city!! We searched again for info, and found their Facebook page. This way, we were able to publish a portrait of K’nar & the Birdy Kids.

After having pasted almost all walls in the Marais, it was finally time to hang a few pieces in a nice gallery (keen on street art as they already exhibited MissTic, Jef Aerosol, Mosko & Associés…). First time for the crew to have an exhibition in Paris and the opening night was crowded – well done!

Birdy Kids expo Paris 4

Birdy Kids expo Paris

Birdy Kids expo Paris

Birdy Kids expo Paris

Birdy Kids expo Paris

Birdy Kids Paris Marais

Birdy kids are not limited by the technique nor the support. They use many techniques, including graffiti, collage, and serigraphy – on supports like tiles, street signs, tees or just canvas. Really like the oversized key ring ^^

Birdy Kids expo Paris

Birdy Kids expo Paris

We are particularly interested in these pieces below, as we are totally impressed by the technique (I’d so love to buy the one on the right):

Birdy Kids expo Paris

Birdy Kids expo Paris

Birdy Kids expo Paris

Birdy Kids is unmissable if you happen to pass through the Marais. Once a month, the crew catch the train from Lyon to Paris where they spend a couple of days max pasting their new pieces around Paris 4th. We are lucky, as apparently Paris is the city that sees the most NEW pieces, unlike Lyon, where people want to see the same style, nothing too different to the last time.

There are apparently plans for the Birdy Kids to head to Japan in 2014… keep your eyes open!

The Gallery  ‘L’Oeil Ouvert’ opened in 2005 and represents artists with limited edition pieces, from photography to street art.

Galerie L'Oeil Ouvert Paris Marais
We had the pleasure of meeting the Birdy Kids just before the beginning of their exhibition, and it was a true honor to meet them and to have a preview of what they had prepared for their first event in Paris.

Hey guys, keep up the great work!

Portrait of the Birdy Kids crew

Portrait of the Birdy Kids

Birdy Kids

Until the 13th of October 2013

@ L’Oeil Ouvert gallery
74 rue François Miron
75004 Paris
Metro line 1: stop Saint Paul

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