Lundi 16 mai, 2011

Gouzou in Paris


During his solo show, Jace painted a few Gouzou on the walls of Paris. Let’s find them!
We already found 2 different ones, one in the 9th and one other in the 11th district of Paris and also a few stickers in the Beaubourg stairs (but not sure that Jace pasted them himself).

The pictures below:

Gouzou surrounded by sharks... (Paris 11)

Gouzou(girl) working late at night...

We went to the opening night of Jace solo show, on saturday the 7th of May, at the Magda Danyz Gallery.

Jace - Electrocution scolaire

The exhibition “Electrocution scolaire” shows the artwork of the artist inspired by drawings of year 1971.
This unique exhibitionpresents 42 pieces, never showed to the public before.

And on the first floor of the gallery, there was also a show of Shepard Fairey aka OBEY.
The exhibition”The print show” shows the artwork of that urban artist very famous nowadays.

Printings of OBEY

“Electrocution scolaire”
Shepard Fairey (OBEY)
“The print show”

Until the 18th of June 2011
@ Galerie Magda Danyz
78, rue Amelot
75011 Paris


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