Lundi 12 novembre, 2012

M.U.R celebrates its 5 bday!


Happy 5th birthday the M.U.R. !

2 years ago, we celebrated the 3 years old of The M.U.R. an association for Street Artists in Paris. So basically, every month an artist is painting a wall, always the same, located in the 11th district of Paris, near Café Charbon, at the corner of rue Oberkampf and rue St Maur.

Then event was located in the Marais, at Espace des Blancs Manteaux and it was the occasion to see again artists we love and we follow, and to discover the artwork of others. Always a good mix of art and good vibes, thanks to DJs playing.

A huge mural located in the middle of the space announce the color: Speedy Graphito did a great job, love it!

Speedy Graphito street art Paris

We were more than happy to see the couple of street artists No Rules Corp. back from their road trip in America Latina!
Their artwork is now clearly inspired by what they saw and lived there, and that’s pretty cool they share it with us. It’s like I’m traveling with them, seeing their new pieces… We can note a bit of nostalgia too… but it’s normal… and new projects will happen soon!

No Rules Corp

No Rules Corp

No Rules Corp

No Rules Corp

After having seen a few pieces of Bustart in the Marais, happy to find him again here:

Bustart street art Paris

And what I really enjoyed this time for this event, is that artists played the game to recreate their workshop. So cool to see their tools, and even sometimes to see them in action:

Bustart stencils

Bustart stencils


The MUR would not be as it is without Jean Faucheur, the founder:

Jean Faucheur Street art paris

Cool to see CHANOIR in action, I love his little character, always fun:

CHANOIR street art

CHANOIR street art

But also TANC, soon exhibiting at Mathgoth gallery, see our street art agenda:

TANC street art

And Kashink with a very nice cow, and very cool triangle canvas – original:

Kashink graffiti

RERO, still playing with words, with a series I didn’t see before, on estate agencies:

RERO street art paris

Very nice to see again the artwork of Nasty, our very first StreetLove interview, that you can read here – Nasty Interview:

Nasty - Artistes en cavale - Graffiti Paris

Nasty - Artistes en cavale

For more info: the website of Le MUR and the one of the Association!
In another article, I will show you more artists… To follow!



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