Mardi 13 novembre, 2012

MUR 5 yo follows…


Now I set up the ambiance, I will follow showing you the artists we saw at the 5th birthday of the M.U.R.

FKDL was here, but not when we were, sad but happy to see his pieces:


So cool to see pieces of Stoul, I love her work and her style. I reckon both FKDL and her should do a combo, I imagine a nice result:



A nice pieces on blocks by Jérôme Mesnager:

Jérôme Mesnager

We quickly saw Janaundjs with a little baby in Jana’s arms, congratz to you both!

JABAUNDJS street art stencils

And we discover the artwork of Nicogermain, very ironic and cheeky, great:


SMASH137 with a very nice mural full of boxes – totally what I like at the moment:


And finally got the name of the artist who is painting crazy pieces very very high in Paris – LeMoDuLeDeZeeR:




For the occasion, a lot of artists went on the streets to put some pieces on the walls, and it’s cool to see them before the weather goes very cold – like a very nice piece of NiceArt – Ariane Pasco close to Châtelet:

Nice Art

Rimbaud by NiceArt

Le Cyklop painted a few “eyes” outside, so wee will be able to see them for a long time I guess. More info on his website:

Le Cyklop

And every day were planned live painting by artists who were exhibited:

Shaka here:


And Gilbert here:

Gilbert street art Paris

To resume, it was a very nice event, and more should happen like this one! We miss street art, and moments to meet the artists, who are all incredible!
The library was cool too, but I decided to stop buying books, nor more space on the shelves ^^ But I’m sure, I won’t hold on it very long…

Massive thanks to the MUR association for the organization, the partners and THE ARTISTS!!
Keep up the great work ;)


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