Vendredi 09 septembre, 2011

Paint BAL


20 mailboxes customised by street artists for
Keith Haring, Art and children!

The huge mural realised by K.Haring on a wall of the Necker Hospital in Paris: 27 meters high and 15 meters accross.
One on the most important pieces that Keith Haring ever made. The mural shows his investment for children and to fight against the disease. But today the mural is in a very bad state, damaged by the weather.

3 steps to this project:
- 1st step
La Poste, french post-office, partner of the project gave around 20 yellow mailboxes, that all street artists, who exhibit during the Explosition will customize with spraycans, paint, stickers… from the 15th of March to the end of August 2011 at the Musée en Herbe.
Here are a few photos of the mailboxes we saw at Musée en Herbe:

Paint BAL (Artiste ?)

Paint BAL (Artist?)

Paint BAL de Speedy Graphito

Paint BAL by Speedy Graphito

Paint BAL de Speedy Graphito

Paint BAL by Speedy Graphito

Paint BAL de L'Atlas

Paint BAL by L'Atlas

- 2nd step
All these pieces will be exhibited at the Adresse – Museum of La Poste from September to March 2012.

- 3rd step
All the mailboxes will be sold by auction and the money will go to the Necker Hospital so that the mural can be restaured and the Museum for children too.

Exposition Paint B.A.L
From the 17th of September to the 1st of March 2012
@ L’Adresse – Musée of La Poste
34 boulevard de Vaugirard
75015 Paris



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