Mercredi 11 janvier, 2012

Act’Up Paris


Act Up Paris is organizing a huge street art event.

RDV on saturday, the 14th of January 2012 to attend a street art event from Belleville (Paris 10) to Hôtel de Ville (Paris 4).

The artists who will be there are:

Alex DJA, Coqalane (Nancy), Damien / Les yeux dans le monde, Encore JBC, JPM, Kashink, Madame, Marlène Ehrhard, Mcsim, Néa et Sylvain Girves, Nice Art, Pimax, PopEye, Susan Shup, Tarek, Tristan des Limbes, et Valérie Maho.

Act Up-Paris, which is a French association against AIDS for the gay community, launched in October 2010: « Egalité des choix : des droits ! »

Program of the day (with the partnership of Paris Tonkar Magazine):

Street Art - Rue Desnoyez à Belleville - Paris 10

Street Art - Rue Desnoyez à Belleville - Paris 10

9h45-14h30 : in Belleville, rue Desnoyez (Metro station : Belleville)

9h45-14h Kashink & Valérie Maho / Graffiti murals – Rue Desnoyez

11-11H40 JBC // Collages : Rue de Belleville / Rue Jules Romain

12-13h30 Coqalane // Collages on a wall Rue Ramponeau

13h45 : collages by all the artists – Rue Desnoyez

18-2h : Party at the Bar Les Souffleurs – 7 rue de la Verrerie75004 Paris – Métro: Hôtel de ville with DJ Rohan, Elolafol, Ji & GregStarX (electric music)
Free entrance

>> Event Facebook :
Let’s meet there! Yep, we are back to Paris!

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