Mardi 17 septembre, 2013

Tour Paris 13


Last Sunday, during a bike ride around Paris, the bright orange paint caught our eye!
This building seemed to be abandoned, and as fans of these kind of spots, we parked our bikes, and entered the courtyard to check it out!

We saw a couple of artists painting the path that heads to the building – it looked that something was cooking.

Back home, we decided to check out more info on Internet, but finding very little, so we posted a message on our StreetLove Facebook fan page and nobody seemed to know about this place, even with a photo, but a lot of our fans were interested in visiting. One idea in mind: enter this building!

Week-end ended, and 2 days later we received an invitation by email from France Ô TV channel to invite us to an exclusive preview of this same building (recognised it thanks to the photo in the invitation ^^).

wow how lucky are we – we said a big YES!

And yesterday, on the 16th of September, we went to 5 Fulton street, in the 13th district of Paris, under heavy rain – but you know the story, when we love something, nothing else matters!

At the origin of the project, Mehdi Ben Cheikh, the owner of Itinérrance gallery (thanks to whom a few murals grew up in the 13th, like Janaundjs we saw in action.
No less than 7 months were necessary for the artists to create all these pieces, that we now enjoy, level after level… How amazing it all is!
The sad part, this building will be destroyed and all these pieces will soon disappear!

Very sad, yes, but the organizers thought about everything and imagined an online project too – where we can find all the pieces and have more info on the artists showcased.
A kind of virtual and interactive museum available on

IMG 9211 Tour Paris 13

IMG 9197 Tour Paris 13

IMG 9185 Tour Paris 13

IMG 9175 Tour Paris 13

IMG 9147 Tour Paris 13

IMG 9128 Tour Paris 13

La Tour Paris 13 - Mosko & Associés

IMG 9121 Tour Paris 13

La Tour Paris 13 - Seth

IMG 9109 Tour Paris 13

La Tour Paris 13 - Stew

IMG 9097 Tour Paris 13

IMG 9092 Tour Paris 13

IMG 9082 Tour Paris 13

La Tour Paris 13 - Ethos

IMG 9060 Tour Paris 13

La Tour Paris 13 - Uriginal

IMG 9050 Tour Paris 13

La Tour Paris 13 - Btoy

IMG 9036 Tour Paris 13

La Tour Paris 13 - Jimmy C

IMG 9032 Tour Paris 13

La Tour Paris 13 - David Walker

IMG 9025 Tour Paris 13

IMG 8989 Tour Paris 13

La Tour Paris 13 - Stew

France Ô TV channel will follow up with a documentaire that will be live in 2014 (after the buildings demolition). Have a look at the teaser:

To resume:

  • France Ô presented “Tour Paris 13” on monday 16th september 2013
  • A building that will be destroyed at the beginning of 2014 (no later)
  • 9 levels, 1 cave, 36 appartments of 4 or 5 rooms
  • Some flats still occupied
  • 100 international artists (from Brazil, Italy, England, USA, France, …)
  • 4 500 m2 surface area (including ceiling to floor)
  • 7 months of intervention
  • A lot of photos…
  • 30 days to visit the tower: from the 1st to the 31st of October 2013. From the 1st of november, the tower will definitely be closed to the public.

And you will have 10 days to save the tower, and the project will help you to do so – How?
On (available in French and English), you will be able to discover the artwork of hundreds of artists on all the 9 levels, presented in b&w that every one will have to vote for pieces they want to keep in the tower. This way, you can save the tower, and all the pieces.

Don’t hesitate to ask for more info. Hope you liked the tour in this crazy building! Enjoy, and go and check it out yourselves!

pixel Tour Paris 13


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