Mardi 20 octobre, 2015

Urban t-shirts on!


Founded in Paris in August 2008 by Garry Poupin, Grafitee webzine was one of the first magazines devoted exclusively to the tee. The site has been launch to showcase the many t-shirt brands existing around the world. From historic brands to new labels, Grafitee is step by step becoming a reference in the streetstyle fashion and urban culture.
Tees are a best-seller – if we count Europe + US, 5 billions tees are sold every year!
And worldwide artists love this support – cool clothes that every one can easily afford and wear, all year long.

In 2011, was born an idea that started to gain full support: distribute a portion of the young brands presented on the magazine to provide them with more visibility… And here is the online shop dedicated to t-shirts. Grafitee launched a market place specialized to indie t-shirts brands.
And the webzine is still published around 4 themes: Arts, Fashion, Events & Lifestyle.
On top of the webzine, the platform now incorporates a multilingual shop and references hundreds of fun, rare or graphic t-shirts, with quality, style and originality as common denominators.

The tee shop is releasing more than 100 brands, selected in 20 countries around the world.
The project is studied, matured and oriented around 3 core values: Originality, Quality and Simplicity to reach the following objectives:
- To gather the best of t-shirt brands in a unique place
- To simplify the way of finding and buying cool tees here and there
- To support independant creation, new artists and urban culture
- To bring back the t-shirt as the piece to wear

On Grafitee, all styles or almost are represented. From the simple funny t-shirts to the most sophisticated “allover” pieces, from crop-tops, longsleeves or pocket tees – the shop brings together more than a thousand tee shirts, through a powerful, rich and selective catalogue. And for good reason, only the crème is referenced!
In addition to t-shirts, there are also other essential parts of the indie universe: tank tops, crewnecks, hoodies, and various clothing accessories. Everything is here to polish any summer or winter look, with a healthy dose of humor, provocation or singularity.

Take care & Stay inspired!

At StreetLove we were very pleased to get contacted by the Grafitee team. We looked at their website and instantly fell in love with the concept and the cool tees we saw! Clearly, we wanted to buy them all…

For example, Grafitee writes articles on street artists such as Millo from Italy who creates cool artwork in the streets of Rome, Florence, but also Paris, London, Luxembourg and Rio of Janeiro. Millo is doing big murals that you can miss. He recently did 13 murals in Turin:

Millo street art italy

© Millo

We selected our Top 10 t-shirts inspired by street art that can suits to each of our favorite readers:

Grafitee top 10 tees

1. Je tag en plein jour
2. Prince de la Ville

3. Nihon

4. Spray Buddy

5. Ice cream

6. Geisha

7. Mass Media

8. Street Elite

9. Little Gangsta

10. Bob white

(no minimum purchase required – no time limit)

En Français :
15% de remise sur l’achat de tous les t-shirts sur le site Internet
avec le code STREETLOVE15

(sans minimum de commande, ni limite dans le temps)

So, what’s your favorite?

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