Mercredi 14 juillet, 2010

Zoo Project


These are a few photos of the recent work of Zoo Project that you can find mostly in the 20th district of Paris, around Ménilmontant and…

Jeudi 01 juillet, 2010 expo


Almost a month after the launch of, we head off for our first exhibition this friday, 2nd of July 2010 at la Gare aux Gorilles.

Mardi 22 juin, 2010

Leo & Pipo exhibition


Leo & Pipo sont frappés par l’ennui et l’absence de chaleur humaine qui règne dans les rues de Paris.
C’est en avril 2008 que naît leur projet : s’approprier les murs de la ville et essayer d’humaniser les rues avec des collages taille réelle……..

Lundi 21 juin, 2010



We say that Paris is the capitale of love and lovers, true or false? In any case, it’s true that we can find artwork showing “love” everywhere… so yes, we can believe in it!

Dimanche 20 juin, 2010

Women’s portraits


Very impressive work, a portrait created for a stencil, very graphic on a text background. It represents a portrait of a naked woman, with flashy colored hair…..

Dimanche 20 juin, 2010

The street art story


Street Art, comes and goes, for the bad luck of artists and the pleasure of pedestrians.
The misfortune of artists, because their art can last from a few hours to a few months on the walls and for the happiness of people who can imagine different pieces of art, every week-end.

Lundi 07 juin, 2010

Faces & Portraits


A preview of faces I met in the streets when I was walking, mostly in the Marais, in Paris, this saturday 5th of June, 2010.

Lundi 07 juin, 2010



Certain pieces of art are easily identified by the objects of everyday life like a tap, a gun, a bottle, an electrical plug…

Lundi 07 juin, 2010

Moving street art


Since the beginning, street artists have used modes of transport to allow their work to travel.
This travelling art allows the artist to be seen in other places and become know in a wider region.

Mardi 01 juin, 2010



Street Artists often use words to express themselves, a great way to pass on a message to those who want to read…..