Mercredi 11 février, 2015

Aerial art by Ella & Pitr


Let’s take a look at the brand new project imagined by Ella & Pitr – street artists from St Etienne, East France.

The couple sent us a nice update on their artwork. They just released a new video featuring their BIG characters.

They launched this new project at the end of 2013 with a first character drawn in the snow. Then they followed-up with others, drawn on the floor like they’re lying down and sleeping – in different worldwide locations.

With this project they are looking to explore the relationship between the very BIG and the very small.
In other words, how to make ourselves little, and very BIG at the same time.
How to touch the sky without any help, or how to move a mountain while feeling so light.

Like an army of ants, Ella & Pitr use a lot of chalk and charcoal to draw on the floor. You can imagine that a full art piece needs a lots of hours of hard work often in crazy positions.
In some ways, they try to test their patience. I know I’m not patient at all so I totally understand that sometimes you want to push your limit towards a weakness you know you have.

Another nice theory is as an artist it is interesting to make ‘reality’ collapse and observe what normally vertical things give when played horizontally. Crazy hum?!?

To discover more about the Ella & Pitr project, check out the video below, and see the photos of their masterpieces as well.

Thanks guys for sharing, and enjoy!

© Aerial art by Ella & Pitr

© Aerial art by Ella & Pitr

© Aerial art by Ella & Pitr

© Aerial art by Ella & Pitr

© Aerial art by Ella & Pitr

© Aerial art by Ella & Pitr

© Aerial art by Ella & Pitr

© Aerial art by Ella & Pitr

Other project by this same couple of artists is Photo frame : Read here!



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