Dimanche 08 janvier, 2012

Cockatoo Island in Sydney


The OUTPOST Project (4 November – 11 December 2011) transformed the industrial spaces of Cockatoo Island in Sydney into a huge event of street art.

Street art sydney cockatoo island outpost project

More than 150 artists were present, such as ROA (Belgium), Ethos (Brazil), Kid Zoom (USA/Australia), Anthony Lister (USA/Australia) and the Everfresh Collective (Australia) who all painted and gave a great energy to the island with their art pieces: stencils, paste-ups, stickers, sculpture, graffiti murals and billboards.

Tonnes of them – which are very cool:

Sculpture from Willcoles - Sydney street art

Sculpture out of cans from Willcoles

And pretty much everywhere, pieces like that:

Graffiti artist DEB

Graffiti artist DEB

Urban Cake Lady

Urban Cake Lady

Installation street art Sydney

Here is the masterpiece done by ROA with australian animals such as kangaroo, platypus, etc…

sydney street art by ROA


It’s still possible to experience the Outpost exhibits on Cockatoo Island over summer 2012. So we head there on a sunny day to check out the pieces, and we were absolutely amazed by the one of ROA – artist we really like!

Alongside the action, an array of pop-up bars, retail and gallery spaces, artist battles, demos, DJ’s, tours and art-making projects covered the island with activity for all ages.

See below some more pictures of what’s left after this big event:

sydney street art


sydney street art by vexta


A few huge billboards installed in the warehouses or even outside:

sydney street art in abandonned places

sydney street art in abandonned places

Billboards in a tunnel - 1st by Shida

sydney street art in abandonned places

sydney street art in abandonned places

And a lot of pieces from the Junky Projects:

sydney street art in abandonned places

Junky Projects


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