Jeudi 27 janvier, 2011

Collab MiMi & Suriani


We just went for a walk in our area, and we found a nice kombo between MiMi the ClowN and Surianii.

MiMi the ClowN & Suriani

MiMi the ClowN & Surinaii

Rafael Surianii, from Brazil, is an artist who works a lot on series, each related with animals. He plays on relationship people can have with animals, whatever they’re dogs, cats, tigers, birds… or here rabbits!


MiMi the ClowN, a regular on this website, with his interview, and his photo gallery of pieces we already found on the streets between Paris and Lille.

MiMi the ClowN

MiMi, some advice, be careful, rabbits love carrots… ;)




  • noel dit :

    Sympa je vais aller y faire un tour pour regarder cela de plus pres :)
    Bonne journée

  • 100driiine dit :

    Malheureusement, je ne sais pas si tu as eu le temps de voir la collab posée à Beaubourg, qui est partie très (trop) vite ! :(

  • Elisa dit :

    Ce sont des murales étonnants
    Bonne semaine Sandrine

  • 100driiine dit :

    Ouiii collaboration très sympa! J’aime la version de MiMi avec la carotte :)

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