Jeudi 11 novembre, 2010

400ml Project


As part of the third anniversary of the M.U.R. which happened last week-end, the exhibition of 400ml Project, launched by Gautier Jourdain, passionate about contempory art. This collection assembled 400 aerosols bombs customised by 400 international artists. The title refers to the standard size of european spraycans.

I heard about this project before but I had never seen the bombs exposed… Congratulations to all the artists involved. I love the project so much I bought the book which even allows you to sketch your own bomb… I’m going to think about a cool one for StreetLove!

Manola, France

This project is very strong especially because the spraycan is the emblematic sympbol of street art for both connoisseurs and artists of this movement, even if other techniques are used including collages and stencils.

Bombs were all exposed:

Windows of 400ml Project

This is a preview of some of the bombs:

Reso, France

Orig, Nigguh, Dr Facelifter, Suisse

Cageone, England

Smatik, Allemagne

Senso, Italie

Shade, France

Nasty, France

Janaundjs, Austria and France

I don’t know if it’s possible to buy the book now the exhibition is over, but if you’re interested I would be glad to ask for you! Contact-us!

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