Jeudi 14 avril, 2011

Stencil High School


Stencils ready?

At the Santos Dumont college in Saint-Cloud, the student of the A-level diploma had the opportunity to discover and learn about the street art techique
The aim? To realize a group artwork whici is a mural of 15 famous pelople.
And who is the teacher? That’s MiMi the Clown who followed the students and learnt them how to make stencils during almost 3 months.

The students have to understand the technique of stencil before, and then to draw, cut their stencil – human size – and paint with spraycans. 15 backboard, has been exhibited on the first level of the Musée des Avelines and then will decorate the college.

We went to the last “lesson” where we saw the artwork of the students and we assisted to the live performance of MiMi the Clown painting a clown in a frame. Great to see him in action!

A few photos of the making off :

And the video:

Don’t forget to go and visit the exhibition of Jef Aerosol and to save the date for his auction on Saturday the 30th of April, 2011.


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