Vendredi 24 février, 2012

Auckland street art


Once in Auckland, we walked around the areas of K’Road where we found mostly huge graffiti murals and of Ponsonby where we found great stencils and street art collages. A few pieces in the town center too.

Street Art Auckland

Graffiti Auckland

Street Art Auckland

A local artist that I like very much, named Enforce :

Tiki de Nouvelle-Zélande by Enforce

Tiki of New Zealand by Enforce

POchoirs Auckland

Stencils by Enforce

Graffiti auckland

Graffiti auckland

Graffiti auckland

Graffiti auckland

A few weeks ago, we told you the story about the fact that New Zealand Police use stencils to promote their job and that way want to hire more officers to serve the country. To debate!


  • je suis fan des fresques et graffiti merci pour cette page

  • Sampson dit :

    Dear Chris,Firstly, a huge thank you for putting on this event. From this webtise I get an understanding of your unbridled joy that Greg is finally coming to New Zealand and I just wanted to let you know that I too share this sense of excitement the ticket is bought, responsibilities for the following day shelved, it’s going to be great.As is, unfortunately, the case in this fast paced, everything is available to everyone now, time I can’t quite remember how I first got to hear about Greg, it might have been through PS1, but I do know that the first I heard of him was through a couple of live mixes from his first appearances at APT in New York. As a disco boy at heart these mixes really spoke to me, especially the looking back in an inventive, let’s not take this as gospel but see how we can update this, approach.After searching out more of his mixes, one of the aspects that initially put me off a touch was the similarities across the sets. This comes from the fact that we have access to so much more music than ever before, and DJs do use this well, that we are trained to place importance on never hearing the same set twice. However, overtime I came to appreciate that Greg came from an age where the amount of music available was much more limited and learnt to hear Greg’s sets like a series Monet paintings, variations on a theme. I now absolutely love this approach.Once again, my sincerest thanks.Yours appreciably,Andrew

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