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Mercredi 17 octobre, 2012

StreetLove new design!

Hey StreetLovers! Time to relaunch a shiny new StreetLove website. More newness coming soon about Australia street art…

Mercredi 02 mai, 2012

Nick Walker

Nick Walker is a street artist from Bristol who is involved in the art scene for 20 years. He is working with a lot of humour, specialized with iconic figures with a twist and especially one I like: the Mona Simpson. In this particular piece, he painted a mirror image of the piece which was exhibited at Mathgoth gallery untill the 21st of April, 2012 (in Paris 9) for the group exhibition: Fifty Fifty.

Mardi 01 novembre, 2011

GZUP [itw]

GZUP is a French graffiti artist who is painted a lot of octopusses on the streets of Paris, higher they are better it is!
He loves giving free art to passers-by and he considers himself more as a vandal and not a street artist.

Mardi 17 août, 2010

Jana und Js

la découvert de magnifiques œuvres de Jana und Js, couple d’artistes dont j’avais entendu parlé mais dont je n’avais pas encore vu d’œuvres dans la rue…