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Lundi 09 avril, 2012

Animae Dementia

Here is the latest project called Aniame Dementia featuring “the hunging man” a french friend of Rö and himself – mixing rope access working and paste up.

Dimanche 09 octobre, 2011

Coffee Cinema Berlin

In the area of Mitte in Berlin, you will find a nice coffee place, the Art cinema coffee indeed named: Coffee Cinema.
A very pleasant place to take a coffee or a hot chocolate in winter. There is also a terrasse where you can go by taking the little street just next door. You will find a huge street art spot there…

Samedi 08 octobre, 2011

East Side Gallery

The East Side Gallery is a international monument showing Liberty. That’s the biggest part of the Berlin wall still in good conditions, along the Mühlenstrasse street on 1,3 kilometers.

Samedi 23 juillet, 2011

Zebrating Art [itw]

Zebrating Art is a team of two artists who create outdoor illusions painted on the barred-fence located somewhere on the streets, from Mannheim in Germany. Read their interview to better understand their urban art.