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RNST - Marianne
Mercredi 13 mars, 2013

RNST [itw]

RNST is a great street artist from Dijon and living in the South of France, doing a lot with STF Moscato and working on a nice mixture of technique to create his pieces: stencils, paint, rusted metal things…

Nether bmore Baltimore street art
Mercredi 31 octobre, 2012

Nether Bmore [itw]

StreetLove 45th artist interview is dedicated to Nether from the US who is pasted awesome stencils around the world.

Sean Hart street art
Lundi 29 octobre, 2012

Sean Hart [itw]

French artist, born in the 80′s, he works openly and Sean Hart is his real name. He started with graffiti, when he was 13 years old.

Vendredi 26 octobre, 2012

SpiderTag [itw]

SPIDERTAG is spanish, living in Madrid and doing yarn stuff, since the European spring of 2008. The artist used to be a fan of Spiderman and still uses the character with his artwork.

Mercredi 17 octobre, 2012

StreetLove new design!

Hey StreetLovers! Time to relaunch a shiny new StreetLove website. More newness coming soon about Australia street art…

Jeudi 15 mars, 2012

Phoenix [itw]

This is our 42nd interview and we are very glad to introduce French people with this artist, from melbourne in Australia. This artist is Phoenix and he pastes a lot of pieces on the streets, with messages in relation with the news. Very nice artwork which we are glad to show you here on StreetLove. Check it out!

Mercredi 31 août, 2011

Stoul [itw]

Au tour de l’artiste peintre Stoul, prochainement à l’affiche de l’expo “Quartier Street Art” aux côtés de FKDL, Gregos, Kashink et Sanez, de répondre à notre interview.

Samedi 23 juillet, 2011

Zebrating Art [itw]

Zebrating Art is a team of two artists who create outdoor illusions painted on the barred-fence located somewhere on the streets, from Mannheim in Germany. Read their interview to better understand their urban art.

Mardi 19 juillet, 2011

Fin DAC [itw]

Fin DAC is a UK stencil artist based in London, but from Cork. He is painting mostly portraits, and he is considering himself as a street artist.
Read here the artist interview and discover his artwork which is awesome!

Dimanche 13 février, 2011

xELKYx [itw]

xELKYx is a street artist from Metro-Detroit in Michigan (US). He works mostly on wheat paste on the streets.
Photography will always be his first love as it is what he’s majoring in and will primarily drive his street art.