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Mardi 04 janvier, 2011

ESFP [itw]

I still remember when I saw for the first time a piece of ESFP on the street: the one of McMasai!
For this reason, I’m happy to introduce you with the artist ESFP. The stencil-artist is preparing a road trip through Africa on a VW van!

Jeudi 30 décembre, 2010

GALO [itw]

It’s from Brazil, São Paulo more exactly that the artist GALO answered the StreetLove interview, and we’re very glad to promote his excellent work!

Mercredi 06 octobre, 2010

FAKE [itw]

To promote a large number of artists, StreetLove is organising interviews and meetings when it’s possible.
This week, the street artist FAKE took time to answer our few questions.