Lundi 09 novembre, 2015

C215 monography now published

C215 street art monography

This is great news and we are happy to inform you that Christian Guémy (alias C215) just released a monography – the first one done by a French artist.

Mardi 20 octobre, 2015

Urban t-shirts on!


Tees are a best-seller. Founded in Paris in 2008, Grafitee webzine was one of the first magazines devoted exclusively to the tee. The site has been launch to showcase the many t-shirt brands existing around the world. From historic brands to new labels, Grafitee is step by step becoming a reference in the streetstyle fashion and urban culture.

Gouzou by Jace street art

The Ponts des Arts – a parisian bridge that links the Louvre to the left bankside of Paris, has been totally redecorated if I can say so. Indeed, the Paris town hall decided months ago to remove all the love padlocks from the bridge to let space to street art.

Mercredi 19 août, 2015

Thessaloniki street art

Street Art Thessaloniki Greece

Streetlove recently had the pleasure of a few days in Thessaloniki, Greece.
The Tourism Board – Discover Greece – organized a blog trip with 45 bloggers, from 12 countries to discover and enjoy the second largest city of Greece.

Samedi 04 avril, 2015

The Van Gogh Experience by Nowart

The Van Gogh Experience in Auvers-sur-Oise

Arnaud Rabier Nowart is a French artist both painter and film maker who began painting in 1985 and filming in 1991. When we first met him, he was preparing a big solo show at Celal gallery in Paris – in April 2011. We took this opportunity to interview him and publish his work here.

Mercredi 25 mars, 2015

Montana x Berlin Boombox

boom box

At StreetLove, we love to speak about products customized by street artists. Today, we wanted to highlight The Berlin Boombox which is a mobile speaker inspired by the old school ghettoblasters of the 1980s and which can become a real piece of art when artists customize their own.

Mercredi 11 février, 2015

Aerial art by Ella & Pitr


Let’s take a look at the brand new project imagined by Ella & Pitr – street artists from St Etienne, East France. The couple sent us a nice update on their artwork. They just released a new video featuring their BIG characters.

Mardi 30 septembre, 2014

Montreal – best city for Graffiti #2


As it was my second visit to Montreal, I was looking forward to seeing new artwork on the walls and how some hoods I visited before had evolved since. It was incredible!! Montreal is more a ‘graffiti’ city – I mean there are a lot of huge murals painted rather than little street art pieces. I love street art, but I am definitely amazed by artists doing big-big pieces on cool buildings’ walls.

Jeudi 25 septembre, 2014

Montreal graffiti #1

Montreal graffiti september 2014

Two weeks ago I traveled to Montreal in Canada for work and I enjoyed the fact I was staying in a nice neighborhood to do a street art tour around the city. I went to Montreal 6 years ago and I really enjoyed my first trip. What I remember is that the city was full of graffiti artwork – huge pieces!

Mardi 23 septembre, 2014

Google street art project


Street art is by nature a ‘non permanent art form’ that can be removed in a couple of minutes only. It can also last longer. More than 5k art pieces have been photographed in high resolution by Google for the Street Art Project. In Paris, Bogota, New-York, Lisbon…

Dimanche 21 septembre, 2014

London Shoreditch #2


Shoreditch is really the place to hang out when you look for street art in London – not only for street art I should say as I love the energy and the cool places it is possible to find. Again, all is on my travel blog:

Samedi 08 février, 2014

Mimi the ClowN @ M.U.R Paris

Mimi the ClowN

To begin 2014, the artist Mimi the Clown did ‘Le MUR’ in the 11th district of Paris. Shitty day, but Mimi the Clown put up a nice piece on the wall, visible until the 22nd of February.

Jeudi 23 janvier, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

Happy New Year 2014 by FKDL

For the first article of the year, we wanted to wish you a Happy StreetLove New Year and send you our best wishes for 2014!

Lundi 30 décembre, 2013

Tour Paris 13 #3


According to the previous article related to more photos on the ‘Tour Paris 13′ street art exhibition in Paris, here is a last showcase of photos we found in the building. It’s not all… but you will have a nice overview if you missed the opportunity to take a tour when it was open (in October 2013) and I totally understand as there was hours of queue before getting in…

Jeudi 26 décembre, 2013

Tour Paris 13 #2

Tour Paris 13

With a bit of delay, but hey, better late than never, we wanted to show you more from the biggest street art exhibition in Paris – Tour Paris 13.
I don’t know if the tower has been destroyed as planned – did not check – but here are below more photos of the murals done by artists in each of the apartments – amazing artwork!