Never leaving home without their cameras, 100driiine & Steve decided to create the project StreetLove.fr to share their love for what they find in the streets, and the surprises she keeps.

With StreetLove, we want to share with you all the artists who brighten our days, (amusing since most of what we find is created in the dark….) it’s our way of saying thank you, thank you for the small moments of pleasure, due to your art.
Perhaps most people pass the art on a daily basis without a thought, in any case, the art colors our walks, our visits, and our travels….

100driiine works in Internet project management , and Steve is a professional photographer.
The name of the project came naturally as we both feel that the street is THE place of expression.

With every discovery a new marvel, and with every whoa a new what’s next.  We are always looking to understand the history behind the often “found by accident creations”, a character, a sign, a face, as quite often they are part of a series…

For us, the street loves the people who explore, she loves art in all its forms, the different modes of transport, the architecture, the vibrancy of life…. everything happens in the streets!

We try to make a note of the artists of the pieces you find here on StreetLove.fr. However , if the artist is not mentioned, please use the comments section to let us know!

Unless otherwise noted, all photos are taken by us, and are © StreetLove.fr 2010-2015.