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Lundi 25 juillet, 2016

Said Dokins from Mexico

Said Dokins is specialized in calligraphy and graffiti. He likes twisting symbolic orders and political enunciation. Dokins lives and works in Mexico City.

Mardi 13 août, 2013

Characters by SETH

SETH took part in 2013 in the event Les Lézards de la Bièvre and painted a huge mural in Paris 13th. SETH started doing graffiti in the 90′s before travelling the world.

MUGA street art Belgique
Lundi 22 avril, 2013

MUGA from Belgium

MUGA utilizes stencils or collages mixing different kinds of materials and colors, full of details. His artwork is directly playing with the urban environment and has no lack of humor, critics or poetry.

K'nar street art Lyon
Lundi 11 février, 2013

K’nar Birdy kids

Their birds are normally located in Lyon, East of France, from the walls to tees, the crew of street artists K’nar seem keen to let their birds fly wherever they can.

Btoy Barcelona street art
Lundi 04 février, 2013

BTOY from Barcelona

We first discovered the artwork of BTOY in 2010 when we did a street art tour around Vitry. She’s a famous spanish street artist who was exhibited at Openspace gallery early this year.

Mercredi 28 novembre, 2012

Jinks Kunst

Jinks, born in March 1976, in Vevey in Switzerland, was firstly interested in music and rap culture mostly. In 2006, Jinks decided to be a full time artist, and began the artwork we now see.

Mercredi 02 mai, 2012

Nick Walker

Nick Walker is a street artist from Bristol who is involved in the art scene for 20 years. He is working with a lot of humour, specialized with iconic figures with a twist and especially one I like: the Mona Simpson. In this particular piece, he painted a mirror image of the piece which was exhibited at Mathgoth gallery untill the 21st of April, 2012 (in Paris 9) for the group exhibition: Fifty Fifty.

Lundi 02 avril, 2012

Ben Slow in Paris

Randomly walking in Paris this morning when we saw an artist painting on a wall in the 11th district. Ben Slow was in action on a wall, painting a portrait of Chirac, ex-President of France.

Lundi 19 mars, 2012

TocToc Feat. Burton

This is the presentation of the project of the young street artist named TOCTOC for the current exhibition of Tim Burton at the Cinema Museum.

M. Chat Thoma Vuille street art
Vendredi 21 octobre, 2011

Thoma Vuille M.CHAT

Thoma Vuille, suisse-french painter, is the creator of the character M.CHAT. Thoma Vuille is painting huge yellow cats with a big smile, on the cities’ roof tops, in cities all over Europe.