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Dimanche 17 juillet, 2011


For its 101st M.U.R (Modulable Urbain Réactif, association in Paris), the Collectif France Tricot plays the game and created a huge piece, after the special one for the 14th of July (Bastille day in France) and the one of the artist ROA.

Collectif France Tricot for people who didn’t hear about before, takes part of the knitting tendance

Jeudi 09 juin, 2011

DRUM at Club 47

When I was going to the south of France, in Agen more exactly, I passed in front of a great place, on the high way 21!
This place is called Club 47. Why such a name?
Read and discover it on StreetLove

Mercredi 08 juin, 2011

Sophie Photographer

Les animaux dans les rues de Paris­­­ où comment Sophie Photographe devient artiste Street Art en collant ses portraits d’animaux dans les rues de Paris. 30 portraits d’animaux différents pour former une jungle urbaine à Paris.

Dimanche 22 mai, 2011

Metro by Nasty

Since the early 90′s, NASTY, famous graffiti artist from Paris, has made the metro his playground, painting walls and trains. New exhibition of Nasty at Klay Club in Paris.

Dimanche 22 mai, 2011

Street Monsters

Street Monsters ? That’s urban art realised by children under the guidance of the artist CyKlop.
Read more to discover what is that street art project.

Dimanche 08 mai, 2011


OAKONE is a graphic designer but he also works in cinema as a deco assistant. Through his studies, people he met, influences by graffiti… he created his universe.

Dimanche 20 février, 2011

Janaundjs in action

Nous sommes allés rendre visite à Janaundjs qui était en train de peindre une double façade d’immeuble dans le 13ème arrondissement de Paris.
Du 15 au 18 février, ils ont donc travaillé dur sur un double mur de plus de 20 mètres de haut.
Cette réalisation a été faite en partenariat avec la Galerie Itinerrance et la Mairie du 13ème arrondissement

Mardi 04 janvier, 2011

Women are Heroes

To celebrate the launch of the movie of the street-artist and photographer JR: Women are Heroes, the magazine “Trois Couleurs” (edited by the cinemas MK2) is dedicating a special numero to this artist.

Mardi 28 décembre, 2010

Rest In Peace TONY

It’s with a great sadness that we heard about the passing away of Tony Perez from a heart attack during the night of the 21st of December 2010.
No need to tell you that he was an excellent street-artist working with stencils.

Mardi 28 décembre, 2010

FAKE trailer

FAKE is an Amsterdam based street artist. You probably already read his interview on StreetLove before. You need to watch that video which is awesome! This is a FAKE trailer.