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Dimanche 19 décembre, 2010

WK Interact

WK Interact was born in Caen, France. He currently lives and works in New York for around 15 years. Starting at a young age with street-art, he is apparently in Paris at the moment…

Samedi 11 décembre, 2010

Specter Art

Amazing art from the artist Specter, we found first in Vitry, and then in the Marais, in Paris, last November.

Dimanche 28 novembre, 2010


SWOON is a street artist from New York City who specializes in life-size paste-up prints and paper cutouts of figures. She is now exhibiting in Paris!
Take a look at all details :)

Mardi 12 octobre, 2010


Mittenimwald, who originally followed a career in advertising, often draws on classic advertising methods in creating his stencilled paste-ups.
If you’re based in Germany, don’t miss the exhibition of Mittenimwald named Día de Muertos. Enjoy!

Vendredi 08 octobre, 2010

Fake stencils

How to make a stencil? Take an artist like Fake, take spraypaint, layers and Youtube! Fake stencils are really great!

Mardi 14 septembre, 2010


JR is a young photographer with a lot of good ideas. He decided to play with the biggest art gallery he has in the world: the street!
He exhibits in the streets from all over the world, giving the world his vision, and mostly to people who aren’t visiting museums very often.

Jeudi 02 septembre, 2010


The hunt for Gouzou, have you heard of it? Neither had we, but once arrived on Reunion island, we discovered one Gouzou which began the hunt for Gouzou.

Mardi 17 août, 2010

Jana und Js

la découvert de magnifiques œuvres de Jana und Js, couple d’artistes dont j’avais entendu parlé mais dont je n’avais pas encore vu d’œuvres dans la rue…

Mercredi 21 juillet, 2010

King Mimi the Clown

Mimi The Clown aka King Mimi is now online on StreetLove, after we found 4 new paste ups in the last 2 weeks in Paris, mostly in the 4th and 20th district.
“After studying knife-throwing and as a failed tap-dancer I started to take an interest in the world of show business, circus and masks. By going to the SUPERmaRket, by watching TV, by listening to politicians and…”

“C’est après des études de lanceurs de couteaux puis comme j’avais raté de danseur de claquettes que je me suis intéressé au monde du spectacle, du cirque et des masques. En allant au SUPERmaRché, en regardant la télévision, en écoutant les hommes politiques et…”

Lundi 19 juillet, 2010


It has been a long time we have wanted to post our photos from the artist MissTic…. the time is now!