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L7m street artist from brazil
Vendredi 19 octobre, 2012

L7M from Brazil

Here are a few pieces to give you an idea about L7m works, street artist from Sao paulo in Brazil. Actually, L7M is dedicated to independent work in advertising agencies, exhibitions and workshops… Check out his artwork!

Jeudi 26 mai, 2011

Jotape Pax [itw]

The brazilian graffiti artist Jotape PAX from Porto Alegre is answering the StreetLove interview before his arrival to Paris next June.

Samedi 21 mai, 2011

OZI [itw]

OZI is a stencil artist from Sao Paulo. He is working on the streets since 1985, he was one of the pionners, and he began painting with some crazy friends at this time.
Discover the artist and his artwork by reading his interview here!