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Lundi 25 juillet, 2016

Said Dokins from Mexico

Said Dokins is specialized in calligraphy and graffiti. He likes twisting symbolic orders and political enunciation. Dokins lives and works in Mexico City.

Mercredi 11 février, 2015

Aerial art by Ella & Pitr

Let’s take a look at the brand new project imagined by Ella & Pitr – street artists from St Etienne, East France. The couple sent us a nice update on their artwork. They just released a new video featuring their BIG characters.

Lundi 30 décembre, 2013

Tour Paris 13 #3

According to the previous article related to more photos on the ‘Tour Paris 13′ street art exhibition in Paris, here is a last showcase of photos we found in the building. It’s not all… but you will have a nice overview if you missed the opportunity to take a tour when it was open (in October 2013) and I totally understand as there was hours of queue before getting in…

Tour Paris 13
Jeudi 26 décembre, 2013

Tour Paris 13 #2

With a bit of delay, but hey, better late than never, we wanted to show you more from the biggest street art exhibition in Paris – Tour Paris 13.
I don’t know if the tower has been destroyed as planned – did not check – but here are below more photos of the murals done by artists in each of the apartments – amazing artwork!

Mercredi 17 octobre, 2012

StreetLove new design!

Hey StreetLovers! Time to relaunch a shiny new StreetLove website. More newness coming soon about Australia street art…

Dimanche 28 novembre, 2010


SWOON is a street artist from New York City who specializes in life-size paste-up prints and paper cutouts of figures. She is now exhibiting in Paris!
Take a look at all details :)

Vendredi 13 août, 2010

Urban zoo

Something is sure, people who are living in the city miss animals a lot… The walls are transformed into a big zoo!

Dimanche 20 juin, 2010

Women’s portraits

Very impressive work, a portrait created for a stencil, very graphic on a text background. It represents a portrait of a naked woman, with flashy colored hair…..

Dimanche 20 juin, 2010

The street art story

Street Art, comes and goes, for the bad luck of artists and the pleasure of pedestrians.
The misfortune of artists, because their art can last from a few hours to a few months on the walls and for the happiness of people who can imagine different pieces of art, every week-end.

Lundi 07 juin, 2010

Faces & Portraits

A preview of faces I met in the streets when I was walking, mostly in the Marais, in Paris, this saturday 5th of June, 2010.