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Dimanche 21 septembre, 2014

London Shoreditch #2

Shoreditch is really the place to hang out when you look for street art in London – not only for street art I should say as I love the energy and the cool places it is possible to find. Again, all is on my travel blog:

Lundi 30 décembre, 2013

Tour Paris 13 #3

According to the previous article related to more photos on the ‘Tour Paris 13′ street art exhibition in Paris, here is a last showcase of photos we found in the building. It’s not all… but you will have a nice overview if you missed the opportunity to take a tour when it was open (in October 2013) and I totally understand as there was hours of queue before getting in…

Tour Paris 13
Jeudi 26 décembre, 2013

Tour Paris 13 #2

With a bit of delay, but hey, better late than never, we wanted to show you more from the biggest street art exhibition in Paris – Tour Paris 13.
I don’t know if the tower has been destroyed as planned – did not check – but here are below more photos of the murals done by artists in each of the apartments – amazing artwork!

Vendredi 21 janvier, 2011


SAMPA GRAFFITI is a series of documentaries (video series) that focuses on graffiti artists and their work in the city of São Paulo in Brazil and its surrounding areas.

Mercredi 29 septembre, 2010

75010 Belleville

Last saturday, during the artists open days in the 20th of Paris, in Ménilmontant more exactly, we decide to walk through this area – where we found a lot of graffiti and street art!

Lundi 27 septembre, 2010

75019 Crimee & Ourcq

Learn about the tour of street art that we made last saturday, in the 20th of Paris : between Ourcq and Crimée areas. There street art is every where!

Jeudi 02 septembre, 2010


The hunt for Gouzou, have you heard of it? Neither had we, but once arrived on Reunion island, we discovered one Gouzou which began the hunt for Gouzou.

Mardi 17 août, 2010

Jana und Js

la découvert de magnifiques œuvres de Jana und Js, couple d’artistes dont j’avais entendu parlé mais dont je n’avais pas encore vu d’œuvres dans la rue…

Samedi 14 août, 2010

Best of Lyon

In Lyon, we found some amazing pieces, including No Rules Corporation, also seen in Paris, but here for the first time, they…

Vendredi 13 août, 2010

Urban zoo

Something is sure, people who are living in the city miss animals a lot… The walls are transformed into a big zoo!